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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gearing Up for the Big Night!

Friday my mom sent me a care package

PhotobucketIsnt it so sweet of her?

It took me a couple of weeks, but now I finally have the yarn to finish my Pizza scarf! Also in it is a small notebook/journal very fancily handcrafted, some rhinestone studded pencils (from micheals!) a vintage notepad and pen set, and some more hair barrettes. She also sent a note about how much she misses having a daughter she can but artsy stuff with. <3 I miss her up here.

I am also beginning my venture into a dress design based on the Retro Nautical Dress on cut out and keep by Hana!

Its a pretty looking dress, and I figured for my boyfriend's next visit it would be fairly appropriate :) I was going to sketch it out after housework tonight then begin planning it out, Hopefully if I dedicate myself it will be made by the time he gets here.

Sitting through the last 40 minutes of the "Good Burger" Movie (absolutely LOVE that movie! Watch it everytime it comes on) I developed a special coffee/tea cozy for a swap I am doing! take a look see!

PhotobucketAll the bubbles!

I used one of the stitches in my book for the top. It supposed to roughly look like a cup of coffee with foam covering the top. If not a very textured cake. :) I am taking an extreme liking to adapting multiple textures to a peice, this is a good small scale start.

Tomorrow night is the Oscars! Big night for a lot of us :) we were planning on having a party but depending on my schedule I might be bellydancing that night. If not, this would be a definite evening of crafting fun!

So tell me, is anyone else crafting during the oscars? What are you doing?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fresh Start

I started this last year, a month before I graduated I think. I wrote maaybe a couple of things, and my blog seemed a bit dark and pretty broody.

This is a year of fresh starts for me. New boyfriend, new friends and a new outlook on life.

Plus to make things better, I began the year strong with an absolute crochet EXPLOSION that has resulted in about Photobucketa corner of workspace and more : D

I did this all in the past couple of months and I still haave a couple of crafting things to go. My WIP currently consist of:

1. My white Day present for my lover: A teal Fedora, There is a chance if it works i am making a purple one for my roommate

2. A week ago I bought a PDF "Sugar on Top" by TwinkieChan, and I tried my hand at each of the techniques. Ideas from this are making a whipped cream dollop hair pin and a rainbow swirl barette

3. Twinkie Chan Pepperoni Pizza Scarf- This was unfinished because I didnt get all of the necessary materials. When it comes to legnth, I am very specific, and it is hard when the book doesnt give you much of a yardage estimate. So this project had to be postponed for a LONG while. The rest of the yarn didn't come in until today. :)

4. Dr Who scarf: My only knitting project for quite a while, this I feel like is one of the ultimate rights of passage in the Convention costuming world :) Im following a pattern that is twelve feet long and 14 inches+ wide and I have about a foot of it finished. Because of my crochet explosion it has been on the backburner for a long while and might have to inch its way along ^^; I still love it, and I have more ideas for it, but it is not my biggest concern.

Right now costuming and eccentric girly design is my thing, along with a couple of themed things specifically for my boyfriend :) I like anthropomorphic food so he gets a lot of plushies.

I also have a thing for international design, specifically for japanese. For Valentines Day and White Day I am getting a Deco-Den Set and a japanese sewing book *insert nerdy squeal* My boyfriend feeds my craft addictions. God I love him <3

So yeah, new day and new start. Tomorrow is going to bring us so much more fun :3

Love you all!

Anya n