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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fresh Start

I started this last year, a month before I graduated I think. I wrote maaybe a couple of things, and my blog seemed a bit dark and pretty broody.

This is a year of fresh starts for me. New boyfriend, new friends and a new outlook on life.

Plus to make things better, I began the year strong with an absolute crochet EXPLOSION that has resulted in about Photobucketa corner of workspace and more : D

I did this all in the past couple of months and I still haave a couple of crafting things to go. My WIP currently consist of:

1. My white Day present for my lover: A teal Fedora, There is a chance if it works i am making a purple one for my roommate

2. A week ago I bought a PDF "Sugar on Top" by TwinkieChan, and I tried my hand at each of the techniques. Ideas from this are making a whipped cream dollop hair pin and a rainbow swirl barette

3. Twinkie Chan Pepperoni Pizza Scarf- This was unfinished because I didnt get all of the necessary materials. When it comes to legnth, I am very specific, and it is hard when the book doesnt give you much of a yardage estimate. So this project had to be postponed for a LONG while. The rest of the yarn didn't come in until today. :)

4. Dr Who scarf: My only knitting project for quite a while, this I feel like is one of the ultimate rights of passage in the Convention costuming world :) Im following a pattern that is twelve feet long and 14 inches+ wide and I have about a foot of it finished. Because of my crochet explosion it has been on the backburner for a long while and might have to inch its way along ^^; I still love it, and I have more ideas for it, but it is not my biggest concern.

Right now costuming and eccentric girly design is my thing, along with a couple of themed things specifically for my boyfriend :) I like anthropomorphic food so he gets a lot of plushies.

I also have a thing for international design, specifically for japanese. For Valentines Day and White Day I am getting a Deco-Den Set and a japanese sewing book *insert nerdy squeal* My boyfriend feeds my craft addictions. God I love him <3

So yeah, new day and new start. Tomorrow is going to bring us so much more fun :3

Love you all!

Anya n

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