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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rockabilly Love!

My mind has lately exploded with ideas from my surroundings, looking at anything from video game geekery to my love of music subculture. Things are written down, memories and multiple pictures were recovered. The idea process for me can be absolutely bloody carnage: 5 pages later of sketching and about 75 pictures later, I end up with a new favorite trend. This time I am leaning towards rockabilly style.

Yes it is almost the same as the 1950's pinup girls thing I was on last time, but its more modern than that. To put it simply, here is the urban dictionary's multiple definitions.

Rockabilly To the Urban Dictionary

I don't go to urban dictionary often, but it helps when you want the basic gist of something like defining a subculture. Surprisingly enough, this is one of the few definitions where I have not seen an overly nasty troll definition. To the point, the fashion aspect is 1950's hoodlum and greaser styles, and the girls are usually some punked out version of a pinup girl.

My reaction? "punk? pinup? Two things I really love!"

This is a fun fashion for me, because it gives me the freedom to be feminine and girly with cute tops and skirts and pants without feeling absolutely girly. I can be cute and adult too!

So now I am getting to work on a new piece as a basic "Intro to pinup/rockabilly" project. It won't take long and might actually be up tomorrow.

As an indulgence, here is a couple of links for pinup and rockabilly styles.

Delicious Patriotic Pinup Apron
This is something my boyfriend is Vying for to get me <3 I think it'd make a nice photo prop for a picture before he ships out dont you think?

Shirred Rockabilly Top
This is a pretty rad tutorial, once I start getting used to my sewing machine I will be able to make this top!

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