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Monday, May 23, 2011

Renegade Austin Fun!

This weekend I decided to take a chance and go to the Renegade Fair in Austin! It was free to attend, and I didn't know what kind of chance I'd get to do this again. So I went for it. ^^ Unfortunately I went at it alone, but it was a well worth it trip!

My original goal was to get one of Twinkie Chan's awesome cake hair clips! Since I could not find them in her shop I knew this was the ideal opprotunity to get one. I can say I was pleasantly surprised after lingering her booth to get this!


There was 2 Red Velvet Cake clips, one with rainbow pom-poms and one with the regular red. ^^ I ended up choosing the red one. I took a picture or two of me to send to my boyfriend, and just could not get that exceptional pic where I got the cake on my head. I ended up running into the ladies room and had 3 seconds to snap a picture in the mirror before people looked at me funny. XD It was interesting to see from some other booths that they recognized it as one of Twinkie Chan's creations on sight! I kept it on until I made it to my grandmas house. :) The second my sister saw it she wanted one for herself! I have the means to do make her one, since I have Twinkie's "Sugar on Top" book to work off from, but if there is one reason I bought it, it's that I can't do the dollop correctly! >.< I tried it a bajillion times from the pattern, but to no real avail.

I also went in to the Craft Fair looking for new things and new people. I have a bad habit of compensating being by myself by talking to people, and I have to overcome a bit of shyness when I do (these were, in a way, my crafting superiors! Alot of the crocheters I play with their patterns all the time!) My crafting adventure, to my surprise, did not begin by going to get my hair clip. The first place that stood out to me was small pastel booth nearby the door with the cutest images! I decided I'd look there first.


That's right! my first stop ended up being none other than Sublime Stitching! I saw the banner and was instantly drawn to it! I walked around and eyed the bags, dishtowels with nifty things on them, and skimmed through the designs wishing I knew how to embroider. I ended up socializing with the booth's owner as I began to search. Man was I in luck! I got Sublime Stitching's Ultimate Embroidery Kit to get me started and 3 transfer packs (I figured since I didn't get my boyfriend the comic book sketchbook I was oohing at a robot embroidered hankie would do one better! :P)I have been embroidering a little everyday now and learning new things :D This is what im working on as my first. It might just be a practice towel since Im still learning.


2 straight hours of socializing and laughing later my phone was down to its last bar! oops >< This time I really had to crack down on my picture taking and gather a bit of courage to talk to people slightly business'y. First I took a picture with Courtney (who I had talked to and didn't ask a name until the end XD)


Picture perfect pair! And she was so much fun to talk to! If I hadn't broken my budget I would've gotten the glow in the dark thread and more tea towels :) but I will save that for a later date! I also took a picture with Twinkie Chan!


She's so cute! And way for me to look big >.
That was 10/10 fun! I look forward to next year!

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