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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pin Up Girl

Lately in my venture for weird crocheted projects I have grown an interest in pin up girl style! There was going to be pictures today, but my hair was in such a deep condiditoning I was afraid it would all fall out!

But if there is any kind of bad habit I have, its turning my attempts at crafting into a HUGE history lesson. I won't ramble, instead I will share some links and videos \

For starters, I wanted a simple Pinup style, something I could go out and wear and it wouldn't take me that long. in all of my herpderp glory I marveled as she stuck a bunch of pins in her hair and I realized one reason why it was called "pinup" girl.

This is another one I considered for party styles and going out! I love the flower embelishment and I might be using this for Craft show ideas.

This girl is my all time favorite, she's adorable and gives very thought out explanations of each thing. She also vary much looks the part for it as well! I might be following more of her videos for other tips. This would make a very good casual daytime updo, since I can't always garauntee I'll be doing something user friendly (such as dance practice)

Looking for these things has also make me accept I won't really do all aspects of the pinup girl style. Im not a big fan of makeup, and I can't always garauntee a specific style will look good on me, so I'll do makeup as well, but not as much!

Tonight I will connect to my roots and also look up black pinup girls as well!

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  1. I love these hairstyles! I've tried to them a few time but can never get them right.

    Annest X