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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My First Big Convention

The night before a major convention job I got my christmas present in the mail. My wishlist item: The Athinalabella Candy Resin Tiara! I wore it with my costume to my job, and I put it on on occasions when I just need to feel like a real princess! I Loooooooove it so much!

I love going to conventions, absolutely LOVE it! Even more so when I work there, and explore in my own element. For me, when I go it isn’t just a bunch of random people who are going to look at you and sneer. In conventions EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU! There is no one going around telling you that you are wasting your life, There is no one telling you that you are an absolute child for enjoying this or that you are gay for liking a show about ponies. We are safe among each other, and it is nothing less than a good time for everyone.

I could tell you being part of my job I was always considered the biggest in the group size wise. I wasn’t the cute little 12 year old who looked like a character from Alice in Wonderland, Nor was I a bubblegum pop princess. This time I was neko princess, then Panda girl. But a good couple of days I did something I never thought I could. I served my customers and people loved me. They thought I was kind and had a shining personality and people even made requests for me to go up and dance. And these were people much closer to my age, not 15 year old boys or 17 year olds. We are talking about men in their early twenties and up, in and out of college with girlfriends and kids. It felt really good to know that I was there and worth something, I belonged there and it felt amazing.

Part of the other fun of this is I had the money this year to buy at the con. I tried my best not to splurge, but I went all out!

when we got to the convention I told my brother that if anything else I want panda this year, mainly a hoodie or a fur hat. On my first break I found this! It is a hooded fur scarf with the pockets and paws. This came in big handy when I was wearing my dress and desperately needed pockets. So far I have gotten a lot of compliments for it, I have worn it out several times, and all and all I love it!

Speaking of panda.......

5 conventions later! It took me 5 straight conventions of drooling at them in the corner and I finally got a Kigurumi!

If you dunno, these are full body polyester outfits, commonly used as pajamas. They are known best for the dramatic hoods and animal likeness. I love mine dearly, and it took me talking to my brother several times over to decide on the panda. It fits me like a loose glove and it is amazingly cozy! I use this as my snuggy and my "I'm stressed, so I'm going to wear this!"

It was a fun experience all in all. Hopefully I can keep playing around with this fun stuff in the future!

I am playing more into Harajuku items, so keep an eye out! I might put some more fun stuff in my store!

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